It is theorized that every star in the sky contains its own group of planets, of all sizes and configurations, too distant for us to locate in most cases. These possibilities serve as my inspiration. My work is modeled after vintage clockwork models of the solar system, also known as an orrery. But instead of our local planets, each orrery I create contains planets yet to be discovered.

I use brass to elicit the look and feel of traditional clockworks, timeless and intended to last forever. The miniature planets are handmade from glass: they start out as hot molten blobs just as real planets do, slowly cooling as they assume their final size and appearance.

Is the viewer in the distant future, looking at their own system? Or perhaps watching a system in another galaxy or an ancient past that no longer exists? I leave the final interpretation to the viewers’ imagination.

If you are looking for an orrery for sale, please reach out. I'd love to discuss what worlds I can make for you. Each orrery is unique and made by the artist.

An Exoplanetarium, an Orrery of Exoplanets made by Joshua Hudak