Exoplanetarium Orrery by Joshua Hudak
Exoplanetarium by Joshua Hudak
Planet Closeup
Orrery Exoplanetarium by Joshua Hudak
Exoplanetarium VIII by Joshua Hudak
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The Orrery: A Clockwork Universe

My path to becoming an orrery artist has been paved with passion, curiosity and imagination. I use this unique art form to tell lasting stories that are distinctive to each piece. To build these devices, I step outside of our own world and beyond the boundaries of our local planets. I enter the realm of worlds yet to be discovered.

Fantasy Orrery

Exoplanetariums: Orreries from Across Space and Time

Exoplanets are any planets outside our solar system. There are likely trillions of exoplanets in the universe.

Inspired by the endless creative possibilities of exoplanets, I call my creations exoplanetariums.

Though futuristic in appearance, I make each exoplanetarium orrery using some of the same materials and technology that has been available to artisans for the past several hundred years.

I use brass to elicit the look and feel of traditional clockworks, timeless and made to last forever.  I hand-craft the miniature planets out of glass. They start as hot molten blobs, just as real planets do. Each one only assumes its final colors and appearance after it has slowly cooled.

Purchasing an Exoplanetarium Orrery

Each exoplanetarium orrery is custom made. To understand the worlds you’re looking for, I’d love to connect with you.

Models with a six-inch diameter wood base tend to cost between $1,200 and up, depending on the complexity involved. Models with a seven-inch diameter wood base tend to cost $2,000 and up.

Factors that affect complexity are whether or not you have specific colors or a layout in mind, customization of engravings, number and size of suns, planets, moons, and additional mechanisms like an orbiting moon, for example.

Please email me with inquiries at exoplanetariums@gmail.com.